Seta Manoukian
About the Artist

Seta Manoukian studied at the Academy of Belle Arte in Rome and excelled in painting and drawing. She returned to Beirut in the 1970's where social life was booming, Beirut, a so-called "Paris of the Middle East" offered entertainment and distraction. Seta felt empty despite all the fun. She looked inside herself and discovered emptiness, a detachment from the ego. The atmosphere in Beirut was stifling. Seta felt that something was about to happen. She felt one with Beirut during the Civil War that started in 1975. Seta volunteered to teach little children from devastated areas how to paint and draw. She tried to help as much as she could. She also created art. Her paintings from the War Period introduced relatively new subject -- realistic portraits of the citizens of Beirut. The compositions were multi segmented and fell into multiple screens like in moving pictures, Fantastic Realism.

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